"Valkyrie's Plunder of Viking Boy"

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 (2 full hours $40.) 4 Amazon's; Queen Adrena 6'3" 320 lb., Princess's Ariel, 6'2" 260 lb., Lolita 5'8" 160 lb., Sadie 6'9" 160 lb., take a trampling & smothering, pressure filled foot voyage on viking boy's chest, face & crotch. (he was erect the entire time) He is 6'3" 220 lb. Tons of body pile ups with  880 lbs of woman sitting on him and standing on him all at one time. He was steamed rolled flat as a pancake for sure. We enjoyed lots of  sensual toe kissing, major face sitting, full weight body and face walking. Unbelievable, Erotic to the max. girls all scantily clad in lingerie, and bare feet. Princess Lolita & Sadie also play a new game of standing on each other. Sadie also has Queen stand on her... maybe a new tape is the works with girl girl trampling.


This & the Titanic Tramplethon I & II have to be the three best full weight prolonged pressure filled chest & face trampling the Queen has done. It was so nice to have Ariel return after the birth of her daughter. She is much more dominant, and knows what she wants more, she shows it with her fantastic prolonged standing & sitting on viking boy's chest demanding him to endure as long as 3 minutes non-stop or more. The little one's could bounce and jump and run & jump and do full butt drops and torso splash's. We really had fun. It was serious trampling yet done with joy and fun and serious weight smashing.

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