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"Viking Boy's DeFeet" [QA38]

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        "Not for the Squeamish" (starring Amazon's Ariel, Sweet feet, & viking boy) ( $35. 90 min) This is an a very goodTrampling and Squashing Saga. The  Amazons decided to have a contest to see who could extract the most  pleas for mercy out of  viking boy and win the $50. prize purse that Queen Adrena was offering for the sexiest feet, the most dominant feet, and the Best Squashing & Smothering. Incredible full weight trampling on the un-padded carpet. The two Big Beautiful Goddess's had their Squashing Fill. They could not believe what viking boy can endure. Sweet Feet's Full 220 lbs. flattened him down, then Ariel's 290 lbs. would pound him down to ground round. He would endure all that they had to dish out with a smile on his face. He is totally into the envelopment of the large and in charge Goddess. The title "Pressure Fetish" was invented for him.

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   He was assimilated into their holy impending assess many times during the trampling trials. You must see "Sweet Feet's " incredible smile on her face as viking boy introduced her to her very first, very sensual "Foot Worship" ( his lips & tongue provided much pleasure). Ariel received his lapping tongue on her soles & toes of her size 13's for a very long time also. There alot of Feet in all of my  releases. We wanted to show you we have more sole now- haha. Queenie

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Video Photography by "Krazy Ken"

Stills by "Casper"