"Viking Boys Penance, Punishment & Purgatory" [QA49]

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    Viking Boy had really pissed off Queenie by breaking a date with short notice. He offered penance as the Queen’s Pummeling Rage Relief. She Rode him with her full weight (324 lbs) with no breaks or mercies as a horse, as a carpet, as her ass mat, as her human couch, & human chair. Queen has never been able to let go this much aggression with someone without a funeral. Viking Boy endured his punishment, and repented with true submission. He was trembling from fear of what the angry Queen would do. She did have a great time. Great Full Nude Squashing like you have never seen Queen do. She assimilated viking boys head inside of her ass with no mercy for hours. Exquisite for the Trampling, and ass Squashing Pressure Fetishist’s.

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