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Queen Adrena Real Fetish Videos's

"Whips & Bondage 101" Queen Adrena & Princess Rhonda


"Whips & Bondage 101"- 1 hr & 45 min. $35 + 5. A 20 yr. old total naive novice is introduced by Princess Rhonda & Queen to the art of total submission to two Gorgeous Bitch Goddess’s & their beautiful whips, full body bondage, including cbt, & boot worship. A strong whipping & teasing is implemented by ravishing Rhonda, she loves to see her marks left on her property. Delicious demanding Ass worship & Breast smothering scenes. We teased & tormented our young handsome male for hours of wicked mine fucking. He was instructed in the art of pleasing his Mistress with his obedient ass to whip. He had to say "thank you Mistress , and count one to 100 lashes.  We sit on his face. He is totally hypnotized by the beautiful Princess Rhonda. He had to serve her all night. He had tongue hang over. You will never experience a more real newbie baptized. We blindfolded him & tested his smelling talents with our panties & nylons & feet, A Rhonda fan’s delight.

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