Wide Women, Wide Ride

Starring Mistress Kyla Kiss,  Mistress Gigantess, Mistress Deliciello & slave Viking Boy

Mistress Kyla shares some of the things she has learned with Queenie's newest Mistresses. They start out with some foot worship and viking boy got on his knees and orally served the feet of all the Mistresses. Gigantess and Deliciello were in heaven as their new slave kissed and caressed their beautiful feet...it's easy to tell that they were very aroused.

They move on to some pony rides, they rode him around the room to show the power they have over him. Mistress Kyla then shows the new girls how to stand on a slave. Because they are new, the Mistresses were a little timid about standing full weight on viking boy right away. They quickly changed their minds; Mistress Gigantess, weighing in at over 350lbs learned how to throw her weight around very well. The Mistresses each stood on viking boy, towering over him in all of their enormous beauty.  When they stood together on him, he begged for mercy.

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Then Mistress Kyla showed Gigantess and Deliciello how to smother a slave. They used him as human furniture and sat on his face, smothering him into submission. There was tons of sensual smothering with asses, breasts and entire bodies. They used him as a chair and each Mistress took her place on her human throne, grinding into his face and cock.

There were plenty of pileups, all of the girls piled on top of their slave for a nice, long squish. Queenie jumped in a couple of times to add some more weight to the already mammoth pile of breasts and asses. If you like wide asses, you'll love this video. Kyla and Deliciello have beautiful, round and wide asses, but they don't compare to the width of the glorious Gigantess. Her ass covered viking boy's entire back! Gigantic!

The Mistresses all demanded that their asses be worshipped and massaged. Each Mistress had her turn, but they were too impatient to wait. The three Mistresses really needed three viking boys to service them all at the same time! Mistress Kyla pushed viking boy's head into the asses of Gigantess and Deliciello. She really wanted them to experience some real ass worship, with viking boy's face as far up their asses as humanly possible!

This video is a must-see for anyone who loves wide asses, butt worship, foot worship, smothering and the like. And the new faces of Mistresses Gigantess and Deliciello will really add some spice to your video collection.

(QAN4) 70 minutes $33

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