"Women In Black-  1,050 lb.Trample Attack"


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Queen Adrena @ 320 lb, Supersize Delilah @ 550 lb. & Mistress Sweet Feet @ 200 lb. came to collect a bad debt from the con artist "Facewalk". They forced open his door, smashing him against the wall with all their massive huge strength. They all punched his stomach forcefully with full fists of anger.  Delilah really loved socking him with her fists of steel. Queen held his package of the "family jewels" tightly as Sweet Feet karate kicked him square in the balls, knocking him down flat. Then, all the Big Mean Mad Mama's Trampled the "Holy Hell" & Shit out of him.  This is truly one of the most underrated and entertaining videos in the Queen's collection.

First, they all took turns wrenching his arms & stomping on his flattened tummy & Queen held facewalk's arms behind his back as Sweet Feet punched & kicked his stomach so hard you could see him wincing with trepidation. We kept demanding "Where is our money, you turd face. Remember, the $10,000. that you invested in a loser Pyramid scheme, you little worm!?"

We cussed him & Trampled with our terrifying fury. Queen jumped right smack jab on his chest and stomach full weight. Without restraint, Queen righteously applied all of her 320 lbs. trample, marching on his stomach , one pounding leg at a time. Queen applied her dangerous guillotine head scissors & face sitting attack, almost snapping his neck in two!

The 530 lb. Delilah squished "Facewalk’s" entire body & face with her massive 550 lb’s until he was flat as a pancake! She sat on him on the couch and covered his smart ass mouth with her hand clamping his lying lips shut. she ground her wide bodied hips into his smashed body with angry glee. We all smiled and laughed as we dished the punishment out. Delilah let herself go with facewalk more that she has so far. She was mad and said "Now, don't you make me get up off this couch"! Of course, the smart ass facewalk, did. And he was sorry as she walked on him planting her gargantuan size on his chest, his balls, and ultimately face & throat.  

Sweet Feet’s revenge is complete with her fantastic feet walking full weight on "facewalk’s" face, body & balls. This is the first time she has shown her beautiful face. Sweet Feet has never let her rage out as much as she did this day. She was mad and glad to let it out all on facewalk. She kicked and she smothered with her beautiful round buns. She sat on the crush bench with his face being cut off from any air at all with her suffocating black jeans. She knows facewalk the best. She knows how to torture his face with her heels grinding in his nose all the way into the back of his skull. It's a wonder his head doesn't pop.

 The Women in Black get Their Money Back!!- Brutal to the Max!!!

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