"Wrestling Whip Fighting Bitches From Hell" [QN29]

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Amazon Queen Kong 6' 4" 310 lbs- inducts 2 tough young hellcat vixens Demonica & Roxanne into her Arena of Bitch fighting. Queen showed the Aggressive Fearless Femmes how to bounce, trounce, bash, roll, smash, drop & scissor. Queen lifted both girls  in airplane spins, slamming them down from her 6’4” perch. Abusing them like a rag dolls, Queen used her entire arsenal of Belly bops, bear hug lifts, crushing, butt drops, face-sitting & lethal body & heads scissors. The tough little Bitch fighters kept coming back for more. Twisting them like pretzels, Queen squished them down beneath her big ass & 315 lb body. She sat on their faces, smothering & scissoring them tightly. She captured them in standing head locks, & full nelsons. They wrestled against each other wildly into totally exhaustion. They did some girl/girl trampling on each other, walking on each others tits, tummies & faces. For a most unusual finale', they wildly fought with whips, leaving stripes on each other. These are 2 tough macho chicks. (60 min + slide show from other videos making this tape 2 hours like all of Queen Adrena Tapes)     Shopping Cart