Wrestling Fantasies

Queen Adrena's Fantasy Wrestling

For the Head Scissors Addict & the Physically Aggressive Aspects of Female Dominance.

Lesbian Fight Club $30. Queen Lifts, Carries, smothers and Slams her small female wrestling student, then she forces her to serve. Attack of the Succubus Goddesses Queen Adrena & Gigantess do some Love Wrestling all over viking boy as they suck him up deep inside their humongous bodies.
Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass in Oil Wrestling Panty Thief's Pounding- Kyla & Mistress Sharon punish, pound and squish their intruder.
Homewrecking Man Beating Bitches Gigantess, Kyla, Reyna, Beat the living shit out of their cheating man. Punk Neighbor's Punishment Queen & Kali teach the rude neighbor a lesson in lifting, pounding and smothering.
Glamazon's Slamathon BBW's Queen & Cinnamon, & Sugar capture superboy for a body slamming party. We lifted and threw our little boy around like a basket ball, in airplane spins, body slams, kicking, stompin, head scissors, face sitting, titty teasing and so on. Fantastic strength of the women abounds over the very flexible superboy. This is on of the Best ever wrestling tapes Queen has made. Sugar & Cinnamon will continute to put their men in their place.  The Fresh Richie is taught Manners with Scissors & Face Sitting Pins This is a classic dominant wrestling treat.$35. (40) min. Richie & Queenie had a date to meet for simple cuddling. And the naughty young man could not keep his hands off Queenie's long strong legs peeping out from her very short sexy skirt and white lace panties. Queen must put him in his place with her Lessons of Head Scissors, School Boy Pins and Dominant Wrestling with lots of face sitting & tormenting teasing. Excellent Role play.
Matilda's Revenge Matilda found her love slave, "little titty bear" with "Princess Mika" fooling around without her permission. She went mad and squashed them like little bugs. She lifted & slammed them, and strangled them both. She did her big belly flop on titty-bear & he caved in, surrendering. And they did kiss and massage her feet. She also demanded double breast worship. They also had to promise to be tickled- see " Double Tickle Torture" for this. Big Bi-Girls Luv Wrestling on viking boy  BBW Mistress's Cinnamon, & Sugar use and abuse viking boy, making him their human mattress for their full weight bare foot trampling, and face sitting. Then they tied his hands, rendering him helpless. They then made delicious sensual love all over his Squashed body. Sensual & Brutal to the max !
Savage Wrestling Seduction $35. Queen’s dominant wrestling tape. Pierre is a cocky frenchman 5’10" 165 lb. who thinks Queen is past her prime. Queen shows she still has plenty of airplane spinning power, scissor squishing, & submission hold control over this mere male. Pierre submits properly- Queen ties him, taunts & teases him sexily & dominantly in her sexxy lingerie, Giantess smother at its best. Pierre submits over & over again until Queen gets her erotic squeezing & suffocating power satisfied. 

Super Boy's Test of Strength With Queen Kong IN N.Y. City $30. Super Boy is 5'5" 135 lb. He wanted to Prove to his long admired Amazon Goddess that he could take all her submission holds, her head scissors, her squashing, her smothering, her trampling, her horsy riding, and all of her weight assimilating his tiny muscular body in all her sensual yet hungry for squashing flesh. Great size difference. And some lifting.

530 lb. Delilah Gets Sexy the xxtra voluptuous Delilah applies some gargantuan moves on her love slave. This is a form of fantasy wrestling. She is very strong and definitely does some Heavy face sitting, Head scissors, and some unforgettable pins.    Big Buns Bonanza- (Priscilla, Jen Marie, Shelly & 2 subbie victims.) This is for the face sitting and smother fans, not exactly wrestling , but excellent smothering. some head scissors, and aggressive women in hot horny action
Amazons Smothering & Scissoring Orgy (Amazon Shelly & Ebonique get together to swap their boy toys and punish them with their strong anaconda thighs. They trade faces to sit on and smother deeply. Queen joins with hypnotism games for further depravity) Mighty Mouse Visits Thighland ( Queen shows Ebonique the Scissoring Joys in one of the best tapes ever for severe smothering, heavy face sitting and foot worship)
Tiny Titans Wrestling School Queen Teaches little girls Mika & Cupie how to wrestle and she scissors & smothers them in a tag team match against the Giantess.  

Giantess Crush's Mighty Mouse I (lifting & head scissors and great face sitting & smothering)


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